Hi My name is Dharmesh Khalas. I had account with paypal 6 month ago. My id is: [deleted] . I Provided service to Buyer for 500 AUD . I was to take 1000 AUD from client (AKA SAMARA) . He did not want to pay remaining amount so that's why he refused to give another amount and submitted dispute . At that time I provided all proof around 40 Files whichever paypal allows to submit. I had codding Zip files too but paypal not allowed to submit. For the 1st time Buyer was lying that he did not received item I submitted 40 files as proof and paypal gave decision in favor of mine. Now again Buyer lied and told not as described as , Is THIS A JOKE? are you playing with Human being and also paypal get sucked me and gave decision in his favor. Is this not a fraud? In spite of providing services on the contra paypal told me to pay Buyer return. I am already in loss with 500 AUD in 1000 AUD. Why are you demanding from me please ask to Buyer to pay you. You have no right by giving wrong decision against me and sending all threatening email by sending Collection Agencies. I am not afraid of any email sending by you. I will not pay even any amount to you. Why should I pay ? On the opposite please give me my another 1000 AUD that I am still to take with this Buyer. I talked to my Lawyer he agrees with me and if you send any email to me or agency to me I will not tolerate that thing.