Contempt of supreme court's order

I have been working in a senior secondary school which was aided (70%) by state govt. the aid was ceased in 2008 on the desire of school trust as they wanted to make it totally private for their vested interest. the school had a staff of 34 post out of which 11 were govt sanctioned post while other 23 were working on trust posts. in 2011 all aided post staff of various schools was absorbed by state govt according to a new policy of state govt. the formerly aided staff of our school filed case of absorption in govt and they won in supreme court.while for the rest 23 staff the court has ordered to give full scale from june 2016 with an additional 1/3 of the monthly salary to wipe out the arrear as they were given a freezed amount from 2008.Now the trust want to shut the school from current(if possible) or from the coming session.there is no plan of paying arrears of 23 of us as they say they don"t have funds. what is our legal position now? can the property of trust be sold or confiscated. or can we compel the trust to run the school we r doing quite good with 2 district merit in this session and more than 400 students. trust is forcing us to deny admission to students so that they can shut the school on the basis of poor strength. please guide us.