Wife left house 5 years back and now she wants maintenance.

Hello sir/madam please help on this. Am a b'lorean, married a tamil girl in 2007 with the opposition of my parrents which later even my parents supported us very well to lead the life. I have taken care of her very well seperately from my parents. We were working in same company with exact same salary, she quit the company after our son was born, she slowly started to fight saying that I do not have any capacity to lead the life or to do anything also blaming my parrents for no reason even though I could lead a good life with all fundamental things for leading good simple life. She has also blackmailed me couple of times during fight, trying to hang herself to the fan in front of me and drinking cockroach killer mixed with water whenever I enter house after work. she use to leave to her mom's place even without informing to anybody whenever fight happened and I use to go her mom's and bring her back. I do not have any proof for same. She has done this for 4 times and for the 5th time she left my house in 2009 fighting with me and she's in her mom's place, she has filed dv case in tamilnadu on me including on my parents and my sister where its nowhere mistake of anybody and have asked for maintenance about 20 lacs which I only have the capcity to lead a good life, I have put a quash for mediation in the high court asking her to come back. On the other hand the case is still going on in the lower court. Now in the mediation she says that we may kill her if she comes to b'lore and so she wants a rented house in tamilnadu itself, i have to take care of everything for life and i have to go to her once in a week. She also wants my mom to come to mediation to assure her that my mom will take care of her if she has to come back to b'lore where she is very animic and i have lost my father recently thinking about this case and i cannot risk my mom's life. I don't know what else she will come up with the next, on the other side she has sent a notice to give all the details of our asset, which we do not have any other than good heart to lead a good peaceful life. I am ready to pay her the compensation howmuch ever I can if she files for divorce because i cannot also risk my life and my family if she comes back. Please do help me by advicing me on this.