Corction nedded everywherer 1986 chittaranjan locomotive works under indian railway appointed some supervisors (mistry) with minimum essential qualification diploma in civil engineering in scale of rs.[deleted]/-which is debareed from railway boerds guideline for recruitment of the said post over indian railway 2.1n 2003 vide cadre restructuring order RBE NO177/2003 all the supervisors has been upgraded and merged as junior engineer -2 in scale of rs.5000-8000/- through modified selection procedure.but as per this order it is to be done only for the vaccant post and remaining post willbe operated in scale of RS. 4500-7000/+100 AS special alowance in chittaranjanlocomotive works all are promoted and merged in the scale 5000-8000/ which also deberred the rail.way boaeds order 3.after implementation of 6th.cpc 1st,2nd,3rd MACP has been granted to the said employee as per there service considering entry grade pay RS.4200/- ,4600/-.4800/-,5400/-as this post is upgraded and merged 4.after 8yrs clw administration says that MACPgiven wrongfully corection to be done question what corection to be done for item 1 to 3