Buying an already loaned property while no Co-op Soc. is formed.

Hello, I am planning to purchase a property in Pune which is about 3 years old and builder is still managing. No co-operative society is yet formed. No idea on the possession certificate. This property is currently owned by an individual who bought it from the builder and has an ongoing loan on it. The property does not receive electricity bills as no meters are installed as yet. I will also have to go for a loan and use savings to buy this property. In this situation I have following questions - 1. if builder is still holding the possession, can I still buy the property? is there any fees/charges I should be paying to the builder.. for eg - if society is formed, then there are usually Transfer fees. 2. The builder is right now taking care of the electricity. Meters would be installed soon. In this case, if I buy the property, will I have to pay the backlog bills if at all builder asks. 3. Does such property receive property tax like any other property? considering its new, still under builders possession. 4. How should I do the deal considering its already loaned and I would be going for loan again? What is the process for buying loaned property when you'll be taking a loan too. Please explain in bit detail if possible. 5. What would be the order of documentation (eg. mou, agreement, sale deed etc..) 6. Can we take home loan on my name and when registering the property have myself and my wife as owners documented? 7. Is there any hidden charges/payments that needs to be checked before buying such property? Such payments could be between current owner and builder but just because I buy it, I dont want to be paying that.. Thank you for your reply. Any additional advice is welcome. Regards, Majid