Regarding Maintainence

I am staying at my parents home since June 2014. Since my marriage my inlaws treated me very badly. Even my husband used to beat me when he was drunk.But because to keep my marital tie intact i never approached police. It started when i came to my parents home for Holiday with my daughter who is 2 years old. My husband himself came to drop me. Suddenly after one week he calls me and says that do not return to my home. He also threatened me that if you do not bring money with you do not enter my home. So i approached police station and asked them to help me. The Police called him and he said that he will take me next week with him. nd after one week when i tried calling him he disconnected my fone and his father told that they have filed for divorce in court. I have not brought anything with me. All my clothes and gold are with them. The again i went to Police station to file the complaint but they refused saying that we cannot directly note down the complaint. Its a Supreme court rule that once the report after councelling comes from Crime Branch we can then file your complaint.Meanwhile my husband filed a divorce petition under gorund 13 1(ia). We had our councelling and he was continously telling that he onnly earns Rs 100/Day. My husband is in Business with his father and they both earn around Rs 2,00,000/Month. Also he is saying that i have taken all my things with me when i came home. Please guide on how to prove that he is lying in the court and grant me proper maintainence.