We should follow Govt. Adv. or not

In March my mama was kidnapped and beated by thieves for 2 hours. They took my mama truck alongwith goods. Very next day the truck was found by police but the goods was stolen. Now a notice came to us from concerned District Court to give witness staement. in the Court Govt. Adv. forcing us to give wrong statement that we have met with the thieves somewhere in dhaba in May and they admitted their act and agree to compensate us. Govt. Adv. Saying that by this statement the case will be over and we not need to go again and again. we are not sure whether the accused is the same thief or some other person. Please reply whether we should go with the Govt. Adv.or not. 1. We are confused that whether the said Govt. Adv. saying truth or not. 2. Whether its is a general practice to over the pending cases. 3. Whether this is an act to save the accused. 4. is there any way by which we can be departed from this matter. We want to close this matter, we dont want any compensation or money we just want live life happily