Interim maintanance, Domestic Violence Act, Sec498A

1) I have presented a job offer letter given to my wife of salary of Rs 5000/- dated prior to her marriage. Will this help in reducing interim maintenace amount 2) My wife has filled sec 498A & Suit under DVA Act 2005 and has occupied 2 rooms of my father's house at kolkata. The house is in name of my father and i have no financial interest on it.My mother is nominee of the property after his death. I am working in gujarat for last 5 years, after my marriage in kolkata both of us came to gujarat ( also stated by her in FIR).Soon after in gujarat she was diagoned with Obssesive Compulsive Disorder(OCD) i.e medical prescriptions has been prsented for digonisis My contacts with the parents after that was phone call and thrice visit. Last year 2015 i had gone to kolkata for operation and while i was under bed rest she filed for sec 498A. I took anticipatory bail and came back to gujarat, after that she filed for suit under DVA Act 2005. My question is can my wife be asked to vacate my father's property which she is states as shared household