Cancellation of Sale Agreement

Dear Sir, My mother got a land of 3 Acres through gift deed in family settlement. There is also a court order for this where all family members signed on No objection for her property. I am her only son. My Mother had done a sale agreement on 22/3/2013 to some person in my absence. Later when I came to know this , I have checked the agreement and found that the agreement was very fraudulent In nature ex. They convinced/ manipulated my mother to register the land by only receiving 25% of the amount. They gave an advance of 5Lakhs out of a total 90Lakhs. Then we wanted to cancel the agreement as land prices increased and the agreement also was fraudulent. They filed a Specific performance suit on my Mom on 1/2/2016. 1) We don't want to sell the land now. 2) What are the best steps that we can take to safeguard our property? 3) Can my Mom transfer that property to Me, the only son?. If yea, what are the consequences and impact on the Specific performance case which they filed on my Mom