Gift Deed property claimed buy siblings

Hi Experts, The details of the case are below. Grandfather, Grand mother and 3 Daughters are the members and My mother is the elder one. My grand father had leased a land by auction what we say (GOMALA in Karnataka) for rearing of the cows every year. every year he was the one who use get for lease and enjoy the same. in the middle he expired and at the time of his death, my mother and their sisters were married when they were asked to put money to get the land , they did not respond to pay the amount and get the land for lease. My mother paid on behalf of my grand father and got it in the name of my Grand mother. In the mean while , the Govt passed a land acquisition at the time of Indra Gandhi period where the users of the land were the owners of the land. Once after my grand mother got registered and she made a gift deed on my mother and my aunties (Mother's siblings) also signed for the gift deed and my mother gave the amount to their sisters from humanity point of view. My Aunties have filed a suit to the partition in the gifted property and ancestral property. I want to know that 1. Will they be able to get the land from the gifted property? 2. Do we have the right for ancestral property.