Delaying the possession

We buy a property last October 2015 at VIRAR. I had a meeting with the broker and I clearly mention ready possession and my budget to him. we saw many property and we finalised virar property. On the words of broker that possession is in two months that isDec 2015. That time we also inquired about water and electricity. Broker and the sales person on Propertytold us that water willbe supplied by the builder till BMC is not arranging for water supply. Secondly for eletricity ,there is no issuefor electricity .It goes on Friday only for two hoursand this problem willalso be sorted out. after signning the documents and all . there isa lack of communication from there side and they are also doing bit around the bush. they delay possession from dec to march. further delay for more two months. In the end of May they are saying that new power station is getting constructed ,so there willbe delay for more two months. Now for the samethey are delaying possession till DEC 2016. pls guide me. I don' tknow what to do