False 498a case - talaq given

I got married in Jan 2015. My wife attempted suicide twice. She has an assumption (looking at my office pics) that I had some relationship with other girls. we both lived together just below 2 months. I tried my best to save my marriage but after several counseling from elderly Muslim gurus, her attitude did not change. she also complained in PS that my mom has burnt her hand and left her in room without giving her food and we took her ornaments etc in May 2015. because of her torcher i left my job. In May 2015 we both got counseling in PS and I agreed to take her back once I have job. Still she continues to torchur me via calls and messages, using inappropriate language. after this we had an other counseling at govt qazi and still matter did not settle down and i told her talaq. I gave her divorce under Muslim law. We dont live together since May 2015. Now she filed a 498a case on me stating that i demanded for dowry and domestic valiance. she filed case on my entire family. as a precaution me and my mom took AB. I have evidence of SMS, call recordings and written letter by her that she will not attempt suicide again. following are my questions. 1)Since its been over a month of me taking AB what are the next thing to happen. 2) I heard this case going to take 2 years. can i marry an other girl if yes what are the consequences. 3) She has done her grad, and still am i liable to pay her maintenance. 4) What is the best way to get rid of this women?