Dv case

Hi, 1) Love marriage interfaith, Hindu M/ Muslim F, were living independent during married life, parents of male disown him post marriage. 2) Due to loss of his job, (lady an mba was working before marriage) was asked to look for a job to support, lady with help frm her father left with kid & jewelry 3) 1st 498a got dismissed at default 4) concurrent CRIMA DV case on 5) Court filing have @Muslim name of Male, while he a practicing Hindu. Same with kid who is raised a Muslim by mom against father wish. They had two marriage one Hindu, 2nd Muslim. Not sure of Shahada taken by male in heat of the moment, but even in Dv case he stressed of her deceive, for son has to be a Hindu, which is against mom will. Father is a practicing Hindu. 6) Judge denied father access to kid, total zero contact from day of her leaving. 7) Rcr filed 8) Judge granted 2+1 k maintenance pm till DV result 9) Male paid no maintenance 10) Case now at purpose 'steps', after 'BW issue' 11) Male will in future remarry, not sure of lady side 12) Shahada - will it effect on male remarriage, he oked a hindu & a muslim wedding to please her. Usually Dv/498 have a pattern, leading to D. what are the next steps as per life cycle of these cases. How will the case pan out now, what may happen now.