Hi, We are four brothers shared the family property land and left 4 feet common passage to have access to the inner portions. The youngest brother is given the first portion and seconds the inner portion and vice versa. The youngest brother constructed house in the front area and made a parking structure inside his portion and kept house entry through common passage but other brothers are not having the parking facility as their portions are inside and only 4 feet common passage that can be used as access to their portions. Now the youngest one who is given the first portion is not allowing the others to park their vehicle in the roadside (his parking area covers upto the 4 ft entrance) saying that it is causing obstruction to his parking (not able to bring the vehicle into the parking area). Please advise how we will claim our rights for parking in the roadside in front of his portion (total width of property is 20", 4" common passage and parking area covers 16"). And also we have given him access in the 4 feet passage though he is given the front portion as he is our brother and thinking that we will have good understanding, but since he is troubling us after the property is documented, we three are planning to revoke the rights given to the youngest brother from the common passage access. Please advise about the possibility.