Cheating on Leave and Licence Agreement on Shop. Owner & Agent

I saw advertise on shop shutter and ask owner directly to get his shop on rent, which is a part of residential property not commercial. Owner advice me to contact his real estate agent and may deal with him directly. accordingly every thing was finalised in front of owner agreed terms and condition as normal. token was given to agent after few days Deposit also was submitted to owner. Owner , agent and self agreed to make a agreement after inogration, and preparation for restaurant is started. every thing was done. all fittings for the restaurant, kitchen, seating arraignment were in place. after 3rd day of opening, owner denied to make the agreement and told me to vacate the shop. it was shocking for me. where i have already invested lots of money and to stand the restaurant and suddenly owner is telling me to vocate the shop. after certain play, he ready to make an agreement. Agent gave an copy of agreement to read and confirm all terms and condition it was all and agreed. agent took both party to registration office and told to give a thumb impression to process for the agreement and final copy will be obtain on next day for final signature. he never showed the agreement norms in computer before taking thumb impression. On next day when i receive a printed agreement to sign the document for all terms and condition were not discussed and out of the agreement which shown as reading copy. (his intention was to vacate the shop) Please Advice.