Legal Advice for Divorce Process

Hi, I have been lived with my husband for 18 months then all of a sudden i left the place on 28th Sep,14 by given them a reason to visit my home town (Saharanpur). after that next day i start staying in a PG (which they r not aware) then my family members came on 15 Sep,14 to meet with my in laws in Delhi and discussed to get the things settled and my in laws are also agreed for final settlement . The discussion which had happened is to demand of my family ,to return all the expenses of marriage . "To agreed with the demand of my parents" my in laws asked my parents to provide them all the detail of marriage expenses. Meanwhile my parents are in the process of discussion to logged an FIR in my home town with the reason of harassment and it is actually happened with me by telling lie on every step of discussion which we had and this is one & only reason of which ruined this relation and i have some proofs with me also. A liar cannot control his impulse to lie not even in the situation of while facing the police. Now I don't want to continue this relationship anymore neither i want to give them divorce in such a easy way whether he settle all the expenses or not. I want to continue in my life with all patience till end of his patience of divorce . Please i am in urgent need your suggestion,would be a great help.