Occupation Certificate & Conveyance

Hi, I am seeking advice on behalf of my society in Jogeshwari-E regarding OC & Conveyance. Our building has gone for Re-development in 2004 and got completed in 2011, builder/developer have allocated flats to owners, tenant and sold few flats. As per law I understand it is responsibility of builder/developer to form society and provide OC & Conveyance to newly formed society. However in our case builder have not completed any of his duty and just given us possession. We have approached & requested builder many times on formation of society and completing OC and conveyance, but he had not given any heed on our request. Latter we all flat owner came together and formed society and got it registered in 2013. We have also formed provisional committee and now committee it is running day-to-day functioning of society. Now there is dispute between management committee and 3- land owners (who have been allotted flats in the redeveloped building) regarding OC & Conveyance. Management committee is of the view that land owners should do land conveyance in the name of society, however land owners are pushing back saying since OC is not available so they can’t do conveyance. I have following question pertaining to OC & Convenyance. 1. Can conveyance be done by owner without OC? 2. If yes then in that case society has to do OC or still society can go thru consumer court against builder for OC.