My mother bought a property of 1.17 acre near devanahalli in bangalore in 2009. Land was sold by someone who pretended to be the land owner(Bearing someone's name). As far as we have enquired that he and the original land owner are relatives and the person who sold the land to us also has a piece of land beside that land. the person who sold the land is no longer alive now.There is a person now who claims that this property is in his name and who fortunately bears the name of the person who sold the land to us. i looked up the RTC and land details online, which is on somebody else name as on date not on the person name who claims to be. Funny thing is that if we go to the register office and get the RTC,it would have his name in the pahani but when you check it online, it has somebody else name. how is that possible. is someone deliiberatly trying to cheat us because the land worth now is crores. Every lawyer we meet either they stop their conversation with us after few months or they do not provide any update at all. we have no idea what the problem is with this property . can someone give some idea about how to proceed this case. Note : my was a hindu when this propery was bought .now a converted christian.