Sir/Madam, I married a girl in July 2012. The girl was around 32 years of age hindu and married me hiding the fact that she is having fibroids multiple in number both inside and outside her uterus, biggest of all measure a big coconut size, sticking to large intestine and putting pressure on her left ureter. She is also having a birth defect very law antral follicular count. All these facts were discovered after marriage half on getting MRI scan and remaining half and full confirmation at the time of surgery on her. However surgery was stopped after opening her abdomen as doctors told if they proceed with surgery if may cause danger to my wife life and hence closed surgery with removing fibroids by surgery and the doctors told clearly that my wife will NOT BECOME PREGNANT because of the facts already mentioned even in case some how surgery is attempted and fibroids removed from her uterus. So i am cheated by my wife as she did not disclose me the fact that she is having fibroids inside her uterus and she is telling lies that she did not have any symptom before marriage to get suspicion of having fibroids. Iam the only son to my parents and I want kids. If i say this to my wife she is telling that i want monthly compensation life long from my salary to give divorce. Kindly help me out. I want a professional lawyer reply who is client oriented. I dont want councelling.