Hello..Mr.Ajay..I am Priya Patel I have one issue regarding divorce.well am talking about my husband Mr.Ilesh patel . we are live in relationship last six years,but my husband first wife not agree to given him divorce.They having one child and he is 17 years old.many time he talk and convince for the divorce but still no change at all.also am telling about Mr.IIesh patel's first wife,she always try to give mental harassment to my husband. Nothing relationship between each other for last six month and they both are only live in same home but no contact with each other.also she try to giving mental harassment to Mr.Ilesh patel's Monther ,Father,Son.she always cheat with us every time.one main point is that his first wife have many affair where she live.we have many proof for that. ithing she is not ready for divorce because of she lost their all connection of affair.so what we can do for it how to get divorce.Please give us suggestion as soon as early.Is any other way to live life or any live in relationship proof or any other way ,we move on legally. Also issue is that if his first wife put the file against's my husband?