Can we evict a tenant from our commercial rented property ?

My father purchased a property in Allahabad in 2003 & we are settled in New Delhi. We constructed a G+3 building(with semi underground) on the land and since 2006 we rented it out to a doctor who said that he would run a nursing home on G+3 excluding the outer part on ground floor and semi underground portion and agreed to pay some minimal amount on a monthly basis & agreed to increase 5K monthly every consecutive year. Every year we make a new agreement of 11months and give a gap of 1-2 months in between. Everything was OK until last year but doctor started furnishing some portion of top floor.Besides that my semi underground was vacated recently because that guy shifted his godown to some other place and then doctor asked to open x ray center there. Instead of not agreeing, he started painting walls and already purchased an x ray machine and kept in that room. So, my question is that if I want him to evacuate my property what the legal points I may stand before sending him the legal evacuation notice. Most likely he is NOT going to vacate the place. Also, If I start a case against him in courts ,will he have a vantage point because he is running a "nursing home"? Obviously I am not going to fight a case in courts for half of my life. And this is the only property my father could purchase in his whole life time earnings. Please suggest legal procedures and any witty stuffs that I may apply so as to vacate my property or he may apply to remain.?