Filing of case for cruelty

Sir, To be precise, I am putting my case and queries as below : History : 1. Got married in May 2014 (just 4 months back) 2. Girl and her parents misbehaved with my parents 3. Girl told I am a thief; beggar; 4. Girl and father asked 10 lac as alumani and threated to go to court; I have phone recordings and SMS proofs 5. I made her stay at her parent's home for 2 months 6. I don't want to live with that girl as we all are worried that she might put us in more trouble by making false allegations; e.g. domestic violence, dowry demand; etc. 7. Girl's parents chasing us to take the girl back and telling that they demanded money and threatened going to court only in aggression; Queries : 1. Can I file a case for Mental Cruelty (it's only 5 months of marriage) 2. Can I force her not to come back at my home by any court order; 3. Can the girl later ask for more money in court considering she has sent SMS demanding 10 lacs. I mean can she backtrack and say we had spent more than that or she wants more money in any case; 4