Rental agreement notice period

I have been staying in rented house for last almost 36 months now. The rental agreement is from 1st July 2016 and for period 11 months. The notice period from both parties is mentioned as1 months. I have given landlord notice of vacating house on this date 17th July 2016. As I am paying high among other Tenants, in that society. Last 30th June 2016 , my agreement was expired and also it is not renewed yet , because of high rent demanding from landlord. Also this time I ask for register agreement copy but as usual he used to agree to give the only Rs. /- 100 stamp paper normal agreement copy. Now my question is as my normal agreement expired on 30th June 2016 and I want vacate the flat and also I am asking my deposited amount also, but owner is ready to give. As per him, I have to give rent for August also , so 1st August notice will be start and will be end on 30th September 2016. But as I want to pay rent only July Month , not August. Please suggest legally I am correct , as no renewed agreement. Regards, Tanmoy