My wife refusing to live with me

Hi sir... We are a family of 3 widowed mother & her sister..both senior citizens. I got married to my relative from chennai..I'm a permanent resident of banglre .love marriage. Was married in Jan ..stayed wit us for pregnant fine left fr her home in chennai without information... Called me after I left fr office ..saying she can't stay here laws torcher ..she used to complaint from food taste to everything.. I did have heated conversation wit ma parents not b involved. .but here n der things were there . now she's 7months pregnant ... Says she won't come to Bangalore by any chance .if I want her shud settle in chennai ..without my parents also ..i m fine wit taking her sepately ..but as my job is here. I'm not in position to shift...I keep requesting her to stay wit me ...alone without my parents... She always hurts me by saying u go c yr life..marry another girl cause my family is like tat.talks real bad of ma parents too...even though nw My parents are not involved she feels dey r behind everything ...I don't knw wt to do...I just need peace ...tats all ..if I file for divorce will I get it...cause she is now adamant even to take me to the streets ... I have one house on my mothers name...does she have claim to it...pls help me