Marriage Problem

I hv married in Dec 7,2014 while I was 28 years and my wife was 16 years old. Before marriage she had a relation with other boy bt due to some family problem they didn't got married and I was unware about this matter. After some days of our marriage she is not happy with me and my family also.. In feb 2015 she went to her father's home without informing me and then a meeting held . In the meeting she said she is willing to come and finally she come... In May 2015 she again went her father's home without informing me and again a meeting held.. Same process held and she come back. She told me to give her divorce bt in outside she told she is willing to stay with me.. During this time she got pragnent and a girl child born in jan 2016. In March 2016 she took Poisson bt she is physically fit now. She went her father's home from hospital and at that time I filled a section 9 case... Again a meeting held and she is with me now.My mother and sister leave the home and now I am alone with my wife in the home. She may take some wrong step like taking Poisson,attempting suicide etc.. Will I withdraw the section 9 case or what can I do as a precaution.. I am a carpenter and my two younger brother is now trying for govt jobs. What can I do please suggest me, I'm in very danger.