Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) without Earnest Money / Token

I am in the process of purchasing a plot of land. There were some issues about zoning of the property. The agent told me that he will "sort out all issues" for a fee. Since the sellers were very simple people, he arranged a meeting at a notary's office, brought an MOU and asked them to sign it "so that he could apply for permissions on their behalf, on the agreement that they will sell the property only to him by a specific date". He agreed with me separately that when I bought the plot i would have to bear all the permissions expenses, to which I agreed. As soon as they signed the MOU (which was between the sellers and him), he started trying to extort money from me, to which I protested, and refused. Now he has stopped taking my calls and is asking the sellers to abide by the MOU and sell the plot to him. Obviously no permissions have been applied for but he is willing to pay the price that i was paying, and has totally blocked me out. The owners have realised that he is a fraud and don't want to sell to him, and sell to me, but they are not sure if he can cause them trouble. He has not paid them a single rupee as earnest money. Since no token was paid, is the MOU enforceable? The sellers lawyer has informed me that the MOU can be revoked by putting an add in the paper. Is this true? Also with no token money being paid, will the MOU be entertained in a court of law?