Succession of daughter

Father died in nov. 1978 leaving two sons, two unmarried daughters and widow wife.Wife received all dues after death of her husband.Elder son,who was running a small business, not financially very strong, souldered all responsibilities of death rituals,all the day to day family expenses.He availed personal loans and finished the marriage of both the sisters with much difficulties.Also souldered all post marriage rituals and social liabilities till first children are born and all functions are over. Immediately after the death of father the second son was granted compassinate job.After getting the job he totally neglected the family.He didn't give a single pie rather collected half of the rent. Now the second brother is asking for partition.As per succession act as amended in 2005, both sisters and both brothers will be parties to the partition. The question is whether the elder son is liable for any relief for the marriage expenses of the sisters and the sacrifice he has done in the past. Please give your expert councelling, sir.