Rental house landlord not returning the security deposit

I lived in a rental house at West of Chord Road, Rajajinagar, Bangalore for 3.5 years (from April'2011) & initial rental agreement made for 11 months with advance Rs. 60K. But for next year the agreement is not renewed & there was no discussion happen on agreement renewal & hike in rent for second year. But 3rd year myself decided to give 10% hike along with previous year & informed the same to Owner, same was paid thereafter. I looked for a new house in July'14 end & informed landlord one month in advance that August end I will be vacating the house (its verbally & didn't gave any written letter, notice period mentioned as 3 months in agreement & I've signed without reading the clause properly, its my mistake) I got the house painting done & fixed the minor damages on my expense, Now on 1st Sep'14 , as per agreement I got the interior painting job done as it was when I moved to that house in April’2011 after taking owner permission & asking their preferred paint & colour. Now owner complaining that painting work is not good, nobody will come to stay in this house & they again got the re-paint done themselves on 14th which was not informed to me ( I believe it’s done with the intention to get a new tenant for high rent & deduct the painting cost in my security deposit) Now landlord delaying in returning advance amount by giving some weird reasons & I didn't understand why they doing like this. I just want to know Is what landlord doing is correct? Since the rental agreement is lapsed 2 years back & no renewal done Can I insist owner to refund the advance for 1 month notice which I've given.