I am a girl who was in relation ship with a boy when student inspire of all problems we were together. He is OBC and I belong to SC family. I use to love him like mad so whatever he use to say I agreed. One day he said he want to marry me without telling our parents I resisted but he finally succeeded. So we got married in January 2013 at aryasamaj mandir, they given us one certificate of marriage, although we hadn't register it in court but I signed a register. After marriage I got a reputed job after that problem started I am far away from him now he started blaming me that I am characterless use to roam and talk with other boys and even if I give money to my family he use to insult me. He is not doing any thing and not in mood to do so, only want to live on my money. Now I don't want to marry him because I know it will not work as he just want to depend on me. His family is not taking any responsibility. My family doesn’t know anything abt this. Now I am married with another guy selected by my family members . Now please let me know wheather the marriage of arya samaj mandir shall be valid or not . Shall I have to file divorce for the marriage of arya samaj mandir.. Please help.