Property division

Hello My grandfather had a land on his name and after he passed away , my dad along wid his 5 brothers and 2 sisters got thr name on tat land. now aftr 2 yrs of tat my dad wants division of his share I e.. 1/8 of the total land. We filed an application fr same to tahseeldar office 8 months back bt my uncles are nt receiving the notices issued by tahseeldar. So he has issued a newspaper notification fr d same. Tahseeldar said that he has to check tat whether BATANKAN can take place on request of one owner out of 8 or not. My questions are - : 1) weather it can b divided by one owner's request also if yes pls mention the law n article. 2) Is it possible tat tahseeldar can only part our share from tat land n remaining can stay combined or 8 equal portions r mandatory. 3) we all hv joint possession on d property so possession isnt a issue bt what is the law fr division tat is would will get which side n in which order. I know that evry one will get frm road side facing bt who willl get first preference to choose or is there any law for the same. 4) is there any time frame fr d same division n if its nt done before tat what can b done. Please advice us . Thanks and Regards