Maintenance from ex-partner

I was involved in a relationship with this man that spanned a two-year period running. I didn't have a formal marriage with him through any religious rites (he wasn't even from my faith), nor had I registered a marriage with him in court. He was already married, as a matter of fact, an actuality I was aware of when we'd entered into a relationship. We didn't live together--he was a businessman not native to town--but we'd see each other from time to time, sometimes for a couple of days, sometimes a day or two over that. These meetings of ours would coincide with his business excursions to town, which would happen on the order of 3-4 times a month. My relationship with him developed at a time I was going through a financially taxing period. I'd originally met him at a social function, where he'd struck up a conversation with me and, taking an instant liking to him, I'd responded with enthusiasm. He treated me to an expensive dinner after that, following which I took him up on his invite to spend the night with him. I had an open tete-a-tete with him that evening, wherein I mentioned my situation to him in passing. He offered me a "solution" then, saying if I was agreeable to providing him with my company on his business trips, he'd provide me with some "assistance" in return. It was an offer that was too difficult to pass up, especially in light of my not-so-well finances, and I, therefore, acceded to his proposal. He'd come down, as mentioned, 3-4 times a month. Sometimes, he'd be in town for a day, sometimes two or three, sometimes four on the odd occasion. He'd have me put up with him in his hotel room whenever he would, and I'd go there every night of his stay. He'd keep his end of the deal, too, handing me a certain amount by cash our first meeting into the ensuing month. Two years into our involvement, however, he broke things off with me. Our meetings had got pretty sporadic by then. He called me out for a talk. He said he'd had a very "good time" with me, but that things weren't exciting anymore and it was time for us to move on. I was shocked, surprised by his revelation. I needed him in my life, needed his support, but he was adamant in his stance. I questioned him about the support he'd been providing, whether he'd carry on giving it, but he refused to that as well. He said the money he was handing me was part of our arrangement, but since he didn't want to see me any longer and thereby didn't have an arrangement with me any more, he'd no reason to carry on covering me. My financial stressors have since returned, and I've had a difficult time coping with my finances. I tried calling him over this interim, but he stopped answering my calls, and when he finally did pick up for the last time, he was furious, yelled and swore at me, warned me that he didn't want me calling him anymore, and hung up the phone on me. I persisted still, to receive no more response from him and for him to eventually abandon the number all together. I was talking to a friend of mine recently, and she informed me I could file a case for maintenance, and that's the reason I've touched base with you today. I'd appreciate it if you could render me advice on how to go about filing for maintenance from the perspective of Indian law.