In whose name will my fathers property go in case of his death?

I am 31 male from Udupi, Karnataka working for a private company. My parents are still married but dont speak to each other. My mother and younger brother dont speak to me because they think I am insane. A year back I was diagnosed for bipolar disorder because of cannabis addiction. Before that i was an alcoholic. My mother treats me like a waste material and threats me like a mentally retard. I have tried telling her many times not to treat me so badly but she does not bother to understand. I am sure that things will never change between me, my mother and my brother. I stay in my parents house that is in my fathers name and I want to stay here all my life. Our family is so broken that things cannot resolve by mere family discussion. I feel very insecure because of our broken family relationships. I am totally dependent on my parents property for shelter after their death. My question to you is 1) In whose name will my fathers purchased property go in case he has not made a will and he expires? 2) Can my mother deprive me of my fathers property after my fathers death as she loves my brother but hates me based on my medical reports which are with her or for any other reason? (Can my mother make a will of all my fathers property in my brothers name in case of my fathers death?) 3) What legal action can i take after my fathers death to avoid such things from happening in the future?