Refund of Booking Amount

I had booked a flat in Noida paying 110000 through cheque and I have the receipt. Later I requested to cancel the same and same was acknowledged by builder first they asked me to provide the NOC from broker from whom I booked the flat and then they will process the refund. I provided the NOC and they replied via email that your refund is under process. They kept delaying this stating same thing that its under process. Once I personally went to their office and they assured that it will be done in 2 months. Again after 2 months I emailed them and they again replied that they will let me know once the cheque is ready and its under process. Now after 8 months they are saying that their management decided that refund cant be done as per their policies and the booking amount is forfeited. I never went into any buyer - builder agreement, I just signed application which does not contain any clear clause regarding refund. It only says in a clause "In case, at any stage, the intending Allottee(s) seeks cancellation of allotment and/or refund of the amount deposited by him, the Company may, at its discretion forfeit the booking/registration amount or the Earnest Money, as the case maybe" But they had confirmed via email that refund is under process and also verbal they said that I will get the refund. Please help what I can do in this scenario.