Termination on Probation wihout any notice

well i was working in a state govt university as an assistant prof.(on full scale-Sanctioned Post of Gujarat Govt.) on probation of 2 years. every year i got appreciation letters from higher authorities of the university for additional and good work. i never received any memo or notice or improvement warning to my work conduct/discipline during probation. But surprisingly & shockingly before one month of the completion of my probation. i received termination letter in my hand. when i asked about reasons to terminate my services through RTI. they mentioned three reasons for my termination are 1) Annual Confidential Reports were spoiled by my Concerned Head of Departments 2) one inquiry regarding my misconduct 3) work Experience certificate was found forge. All above mentioned charges don't you think so punitive and stigmatic in my case and also never communicated all above charges to me ever during service. Even though if termination is smpliciter but atleast they will have give me warning or notice for improvement. Moreover i have filed case regarding promotion in Hon-able High Court of Gujarat before this incident happen. I am 100 % sure this malafied intention. straightway without notice i was terminated Is this possible without follow the procedure of Principle of natural justice Kindly let me know what are the chances to win this case in my favor. Then i filed application regarding my case in Gujarat Educational Tribunal. but finally they didn't consider the facts of my case they dismissed my appeal by saying that it's simpliciter termination. Now recently i appealed in Honorable High court Gujarat. Sir/Mam kindly let me know that what are the chances to win this case. and suggest me suitable steps in this regard. thanks & regards !!!!!!!!!!