Property rights

Hi Sir, I am eldest son for my parents. i have an younger brother. we are the only 2 sons to our parents, no daughters. My parents took my complete salary for first 8 years of my experience, saying the family is not in good financial status , I had to help. I could not deny. i gave all my money. My father took property in his name. My mother got part of her share from my maternal grandfather and piece of land next to that, she bought with my money. My father did not earn anything much with his private work. Now whatever is existing is all because of me, but nothing is there on my name. I have only one proof that i transferred all my money through internet banking. After my marriage, when i planned to buy house for myself, i asked there help. My parents are saying, everything is there own property, they cant give anything, she has every right to give property to my brother. Is this possible. if I lodge a complaint also, will i case have any weightage?? Please reply thanks in advance.