Huf property

We have a HUF Account in the name of Basu Dev & Sons. From the income of HUF my family purchase a Plot in the name of my Grand Mother Durga devi Saboo in the year 1966. In the year 1968 our family agree to make partial partition of HUF Properties. In the Partial partion they divided share and rest of property still remain with HUF ( as per order Under section 171 of Income tax. This order is exbit as evidence in court also. My Uncle Bajran Lal Saboo was Karta of HUF. During this Bajrang Lal Saboo made a register will in his favour from Durga Devi Saboo. 1979 Durga devi Expired, and 1980 Bajranlal Saboo also expired. ON the behalf of that will my aunty want to sell this plot to third party. My father get stay from court that my aunty can't sell / transfer the possession of the property to third party or any other party. willfully they disobey the court order and transfer the possession to third party. My father file contempt against them , in thier reply they told that my aunty never transferred the possession to third party They also mention that my aunty has not sold , transferred or alienated any part of the suit propery to third party. Now my question is 1. Can Durga devi Saboo made a will for this property 2. can krishna kanta sell this property to third party, 3. what is legat status of purchaser 4. can he claim this possession and purchase right when in year 1995 he filed his reply with affidavit the my aunty has not sold , transferred or alienated any part of suit property 5. what is importance of Order 171 in this case. awaiting the reply 6.