Property distribution in family

Hello, so my problem is, my great grandfather had two sons my grandfather and his brother, my grandfather worked as a farmer in U.P. while my father and his uncle(or chacha) worked in delhi. our ancestral property was in U.P. and it automatically got divided into two parts after my great grandfathers death but my grandfather and his brother were financially still together. My father and his uncle(my fathers chacha) were working together in Delhi and had together made many properties over here. But majority of the property are registered on my fathers uncle(chacha's) name. Two years back my grandfather died, after one year of his death my father asked his uncle(his chacha) to distribute the property in delhi equally, but due to 80% of the property being registered under his name he has clearly denied of dividing the property, because of greed. Can legally the property in Delhi be divided into two parts as my father was working together with him, and my grandfather and his brother never had a family distribution.