Transaction dispute with country club

I have taken country club vacation membership on 26/5/2016 which they where providing on discounted price of 99005/- on there 25th anniversary and for that amount they have promised to convert into 60 emi's i.e for over a period of 5yrs and a complimentary holiday in singapore for 7 days & 8 nights free of cost. As i was also married on the same month i found that offer very lucrative. The full amount they told to pay by credit card so that it can be converted into emi. so 92505 rupees i have paid through 3 credit cards and 7000 cash. now even after 2 months it was not converted into emi and now they are telling to convert it through bank who will charge me interest and not more than 12 emi. And also their hyderabad office is calling asking for the money which i have paid in cash. also that singapore trip is also no where in the picture. I have filled transaction dispute form to banks and a letter to club, but not sure any actions they will take. As those offers are not written anywhere. Now i feel trapped as banks will charge there interest and club is not cancelling it. please help.