Advice for entering into another relationship without divorce.

I am a college teacher aged 53 got married in 1994 and separated in just 4 months because of her mental cruelty, harrasment and abnormal behavior. After 3 years of separation she had filed a petition for restitution of conjugal rights in 1998. In 2004 the judgement went in her favour. Unfortunately I didn't challenge the decree. In 2006 I filed a divorce petition in family court. Judgement came in 2013 and my divorce petition was dismissed on the ground that I have not challanged the decree of conjugal restitution rights nor had complied to it. I challenged the fam. Court in high court which was again dismissed on the same ground and was advised for mitual divorce but she is so obstinate and revengeful and despite my offee of 25 lacs is not willing to give mutual divorce. I have my old father aged 91 and mother has recently passed away of cancer. I badly need someone to settle down with. An unmarried lady who knows my history and tragedy is willing to live with me to look after my old father and me. Could u pls suggest me the legal way or contract so that we can start peaceful family life without the legal harassment of my so called lawful wife. Can we have a child also?