Can I as father file application against abetment of my daughter

My daughter D happily married to a well qualified husband H, but after about a year and half after marriage she made a friend with a guitarist G whom probably she started liking. She left home on a small quarrel and started living with G at an unknown place. Husband H does not know about this relationship even still. She filed a divorce petition which after a while converted to MCD. Even I as parent was not knowing about her relationship. She married G in a hurried ceremony the photograph of which I got before the actual decree of MCD. MCD was decree was passed shortly after I could get the photograph and information about her live-in relationship and illegal marriage. MCD decree around Nov 15. So now H is no more husband. As I know the person G is not of good character and the family is also not good. Can I as father file petition/police complaint against G as he married my daughter illegally before her first marriage was in force? He has enticed my daughter into relationship while knowing she was married? Actually my daughter had also filed a false complaint with police against husband before divorce. So it was due to that intimidation the H had to agree for MCD. What is the legal remedy with me as father?