Possible way outs to save relation

Hi, There is some relationship conflict going on within me and my wife. The reasons are not too big but everything is exaggerated now. She has some common issues from my parents and me related to understandings and mingling up in the family, but the relation has taken a troll due to that. Moreover she is very much influenced by her parents. Its been 5.5 years to our marriage and we have a child of 4 yrs. Her parents always influence her and interfere in our personal matters and disputes which we can and should sort out on our own. We both have been living in a nuclear family format as she is not comfortable staying at my parental home. It was first time starting this year that we mutually agreed to stay at my parental home and decided to carry forward with mature thoughts. But due to some arguments which she had with my family members on 1st of May. She threatened to file a complaint and also to drag us to court. In the ruckus my mother got hurt. In lieu of all this my mother/father made a complaint against her in the women cell and she also made a complaint as a counter blast. Basis on the mutual compromise/ small counselling session made at the police station she went back with her parents promising to come back in a week and live in a separate accommodation with me. As we both have been willing to live with each other in-spite of all the conflicts and disputes. But after a week she decides not to turn back and tells me that she wants to file a separation case. till now she refuses to talk to me and not attended any of my calls. Its been more then 2 months and she is not willing to come back or discuss things with me. Now I received a registered letter from Delhi women cell, as she is their with her parents. And I also have filed a petition of section 9 as I want to save the relation trying my efforts. But will all this solve any purpose for her or me. What can be the possibilities for me basis on the complete scenario. Thanks