False 498a /506/406 case filed by my wife

Hi Sir, My wife coompleted her PHD from a reputed university last year and got her deegree this year Feb post that she was harping on the fact to to abroad for postdoc . We go married for the last 5 years and I personally sacrificed my baby since she was studying. When I asked her to plan for fmily she refuses and said that some unknown facebook friend is eager to help her in post doc in london. However with the passage of time I found that she is having deep affair with that guy and started sharing nasty whatsupp chat and pics . I have caught hr chatting late nights with that guy on cheap topics . When I warned her she became violent and started saying that she love that guy whom she never met and seen . She wanted to relocate to london with that guy even. I told her parents all the story and they wanted to take her mobile phone to which she reacted badly and became adament and left my house on 15th May and then on 5th June she filed these cases. I myself and my parenst went to her place and tried to explain these are hoaxes and they will cheat you however she said she will not come back. For the last 2-3 years she was using my corporate conection SIM (we had 2 with alast digit different) so she changed the SIM to get rid of the proofs however I have all the whatsupp chsta from her cell phone and recorded her conversation with that guy in the midnight . Also she herself pleaded me to release her so that she can start staying with that guy. She also became pregnant last dec and in Feb she got a miscarriage suddenly when she went to her parents house. Though I have been consulting gyno sergent since 2015 as she go a cyst yet she alleged that myself and my family did not gave her food so the child died . To add I have beared all expenses for her PHD and my family supported wholeheartedly to study yet she gave this return. We are morally down and lost all faith in humanity. Name unknown