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Hello Sir/Madam I am from Bangalore. My sister got married 10 years back. But due to harrassment everyday she was separated after 6 months, aborted and got divorce after 2 years. She didn' t took any alimony since we thought she will get good life and it is more important than money. Later we found a groom. He was also a divorcee. He didn't had any child for his early marriage life about 5 years. My sister msrried him 5 years ago. Then the situation became worse than earlier.He went on beating and scolding in bad words every day. Due to elders suggestions beating has been stopped. But scolding and mentally harassing her were increased .Also he is very kanjoos and didn't provided her sufficient food manytimes. Now she is desperated now thinking to leave him. But she is willing to have a child. But he is not ready to take treatments for his fault because it is very costly. In what way law can help my sister? Can it instruct her husband to take treatment? My sister is not ready to remarriage. Can she get any alimony without divorce for leading her life since she didn't get anything from early divorce? Is there any other help she can have? Thank you for reading and please provide us guidance.