Decesion passed in an AGM is being challenged by few resident

We have a housing society with 1160 units in Karnataka. Our Builder has not collected any corpus to upkeep the property. Property is 4 years old now. To safe guard the property and to meet unplanned capital natures expenses in future, current body had bought a resolution to collect the same in last AGM held in January 2016. Sequence of event as follows. Bye laws permit to collect a certain amount. Same amount was being proposed to collect. AGM notice was cerculted to all owners 21 days before. Proxy option was given for outpace folks. Along with other point in agendas, finalising the corpus and collection method was also a point. During AGM, adiquate discussion was done and need was explained along with some planned expenses details. Proposal was accepted by show hands. Minutes of meeting was cerculted to all the owners. Same has been filled to to registrar also. Collection was to start from June 2016. When the invoices generated for the Ist installment, few non residing owners started debatin about the decesion taken. Again committee has given clarifications for questions asked also MOM of the AGM. And now it is being discussed to call for EGM and to cancel the decision. We would like to know what is the validity of the demand to cancelling the decesion already taken in AGM. Next AGM and election are scheduled in September, can that be used for cancelling to decesion taken in previous AGM on the request o 100-110 ppl out of 1161. Any other view from your side to protect the decesion?