Harassment by Brothers wife and her family

My father died a year ago while My elder brother(28yrs) has died in an accident 6 months back, since then my brothers wife and his parents are torturing us for money that is to be accumulated by claims of PF, Gratuity, Accidental Insurance, Personal accidental insurance, LIC etc. My brothers wife has already Transferred money from 2 PF accounts where my mother was the nominee to the one where she was the nominee. While My mother is the registered nominee in the LIC, My brothers wife has also sent a legal notice to the LIC office to get the LIC money. My brothers wife along with RTO clerk also forged by transferring the ownership of the vehicle that was released by court on superdari of Rs 60000 to my mother on her liability that she will not sell the vehicle or change its color. At that time my brothers wife also has submitted a NOC to the court for transfer of the vehicles ownership to my mother. Later on Just to receive the vehicle personal accidental claim she forged by getting registered a false FIR stating that the RC of the vehicle is lost and a duplicate is to be issued on her name. In a Panchayat held a few days back We have agreed to pay every single penny and also the jewellery that has been gifted to her by her family, by my family and even the one that she received in my marriage. we are also returning back the whole house hold items and have already handed over the car and bike that my brother owned to his in laws. she is greedy and asking for a part of the house which is owned by my mother. My mother is afraid that if given she will sell the property and will soon remarry as she is only 26yrs. Just to harass us She has registered a false complaint that I and my mother have stolen money from my brothers ATM by breaking into her almirah and somehow getting to know the ATM pin. Though I have withdrawn money from my brothers ATM which was always with my mother just to pay for the family Rituals and maintenance of the vehicle in which he met with accident. The remaining money withdrawn lies safe in my mothers account. Please suggest how to get rid of the this false complaint as the policemen also didn't come to investigate as they have taken money and already know the truth. We also have registered a complaint yesterday of the forgery she did and unnecessary harassment that she is doing to us.