How to counter fake sec 125 CrPC filed by wife?

I got in marriage as per HMA on 26/01/2011 in Kolkata,Since marriage I have been living in Kanpur on Central Govt. Duty (I am a Senior Scientist in Ministry of Defence working on critical Defence weapon system and a honorary Fulbright research fellow) with my wife while my aged parents live separately in my Kolkata residence. On 20/10/2014, a male child born out of wedlock. Soon my wife left Kanpur on 21/11/2014 and started staying with her parents in Kolkata despite several objections from us. This two years neither she returned here nor she went to my Kolkata house to stay with my parents. Now she has recently pressed several fake n baseless charges against me and my parents to harass us filing FIR u/s 125 CrpC. No other section has been put. I have a few questions to get me clarified. (1)During marriage, wife's father gave golds to me and wife both w/o any demand from us and out of his own will and capacity. Now they are claiming we demanded that from them.How to counter that?What if they keep their family members as false witness? (2)They are falsely claiming that all furnitures in my Kanpur and Kolkata have been purchased by me but they gave me the lakhs of cash for it. How to counter it as they claim it as a cash transaction? (3)They are claiming we abused the wife for not bringing dowry while we were always against the dowry and it was the foremost condition we kept during marriage before them though verbally.How to counter that we didn't ever think to torture her? (4)She has claimed that during her 4 years stay, I have never brought her any food, veg, rice, dal, fish, chicken, milk, fruit and she had to beg from neighbors. Can I produce my daily home expense diary which I have maintained since 2011 as evidence where it shows how many Kgs of fruits and milk I have brought home? (5)She has claimed that I have not arranged any maid for her in my residence while the fact is I paid 20000 rupees for a permanent maid per year. Though I have no bill receipt from maid to prove that. How to counter? It is not possible to call maid from Kanpur to Kolkata as witness. Can I get her signature on receipt of the above money on a bill/stamp paper on that account? (6)She always threatened me to dire consequences if I dont keep myself away from my parents and used to insist me to live with her parents as and when I visit hometown instead of staying with my parents. Last 2 yrs of her stay she never visited her matrimonial home in Kolkata despite several requests and denied my parents every access to their only grandson. She always used to threaten me of 498A/DV if we dare to bring her to our Kolkata house to my parents. My dad (age:78) and mom (62) became patient of heart due to her trouble and tremendous shock that last two yrs they hv not even seen their grandson. My wife threaten me of filing mental torture u/s DV/PWDVA2005 which is also applicable on phone conversation. I got scared to save my govt. job and stopped all communication with her. But I have sent Rs. 120000 to her account for her expenses. Now my wife is saying that we neglected her and her son. Actually it is the extreme fear of being sued by 498A/DV/PWDVA/406/506 etc. that compelled me to stop visit/communicate with her just to save my job and my aged parents from police atrocities. Sending money every month to her account without any court order/compulsion: doesnot it prove my concern about them and their needs?? Doesn't it show that I didn't neglect them. Please help (7)She has brought false charges against me of an affair and involved an unmarried trainee girl unnecessarily. She has claimed that I have illicit relationship with that girl. While the fact is that the girl worked under my supervision for her M.Tech thesis only for 6 months. It was a completely professional relation though I gave her lift in my car on the way and went occassionally to caffe coffey day/Dominos. Does it qualify me for illicit relationship? The girl left Kanpur on Jun 2015 to another state on central govt. job and staying there permanently till date. Can my wife summon witness to that girl from Mumbai to come to Kolkata and can she harass her or her father/mother to bring pressure on me? I want to avoid these embarrassment. Pls help (8) My wife has claimed that after delivery I have thrown her out of Kanpur residence and I arranged ticket for her. When the fact is that I strongly opposed it as it was cesarean delivery and baby was 1 month old and it is his parents who booked the ticket in Kolkata. It's a station ticket from Howrah station. I always use IRCTC for any booking. How to prove who has booked the ticket. Dear experts, I am only an expert in the field of Defence Science & Technology. I never ever even visited police/court. I scare of them. Please give your pointwise expert advice to get me out of this situation. My service to the country, my parents life,my job, and my social standing/prestige/my hard earned fame all are in stake due to such gender biased laws. She has been constantly poking police to take action against my old helpless parents by filing FIR who are staying alone in Kolkata.