I need some help sir

I got married in Feb 26 that is love marriage and intercast marriage I am naidu, she is reddy ,with out parents support we are struggling ,on 25th June my wifes father came and spoke to her in a hotel for 2days after that she ask me I will wait for you, with in six months or 1 year settled fast I will come back to you like that she said and convenienc me in mean will she got pregnancy in April for some health problems she got abortion in 3 month. She went to home on 25th June one day she cal me and come to lawyer we have to take aggrement,I went there she given a me 20rs bond papers and she ask me to write what we discussed on 25th June in hotel in that I have written everything like if any problem occurs to your family from family i am the responsibility for that and any problems from her family she is the responsibility.with in a year if I settled she will come with me,is there any problems with that bond papers and getting chance of divorce and with out divorce she can do marriage.help me sir I can't leave her.