Quitting a job

Sir/madam, I am sudharsan from Hyderabad. In last year november, i have attended HCL TALENT CARE drive i got selected in that and they promised me to place in hcl technologies along with 3 international certifications, for which i have to pay 1.5lakhs by this this i will undergo a 6 months training. First 3 months class room training in hyd and next 3 is on job training in project location. For first 3 months they don't pay a single rupee and next 3 months they going to pay 5k, after completion of this they are going to offer 2lakhs package. Initially i have paid 30k in order to confirm my acceptance and rest they said they going to arrange loan facility. After completing the 3 months course they delayed our deployment for 1 month and suddenly one day they called me and said my loan is rejected without telling any reason. Few days later they deployed me in chennai but shockingly as third party employee not as a regular employee. I worked for 2 months there but they didn't paid anything when i asked them they said unless you pay the remaining balance we won't pay. And finally i left the organization, now they are sending notices what to do.