My wife cheating me and she wanted alimony from me for divorce

Hai All We had love come arrange marriage jan-2015 by the time she was studying and i supported her to continuing the education and she stay back at their parents home right from the day of marriage up to six months later on i took a migration for univercity change and got transfered to my place but she refused to join with me when i explained every thing she accepted and started living with me and continued her education from my place.. but she is not cooprating with me for sexual relation right from the begining of my marriage when ever i tried she will tell lie that she is telling periods time donot touch me every time i am really upset with her behaviour and started observing her daily activity at home she is keep chatting and calling & meeting one more guy and expressing her love with him and cheating to me ... now she is living with her parents house and i have file under conjugal rights for wife back and restoratiion of our relation.. but the adultery evidence are got only after filing conjugal rights case ... now i a planning to apply divorce under adultry kindly advice