Dear sir, one of a client invested around 8 lacs in cash to get monthly interest,i guided him to invest with my friend as i was an introducer,i used 1 lac out of that amount and returned that amount to client with interest,my friend invested 2 lacs in stocks as that amount was paid in cheque and rest was in cash,being an introducer i received 80000 as commission from my was was in a business of share trading ,also he traded that amount and occured losses in dibba transaction.for moreover 1 year client received interest regularly on his investment amount as per dates as all amount was not infused in one go.since my friend occured losses we told client that we will return your principle.i also returned commission of 50000 to client since april 15 i was paying him interest of 2 % on 80000 regularly to i m liable to pay 30000 only.client was not aware of share trading ashe was interested in monthly interest my friend communicated him that we will give him regulary.but due to losses he stopped paying interest.the major mistake from my side was that i wrote in writing for amount of 350000 in a letter head format that client has invested this amount with the company and he will receive the interest of 5 to 6 % regular friend betrayed both of us.since i was an introducer client lodged a complaint against us in police friend is only accepting that he has taken 2 lacs in cheque and he is not aware of any cash transactions.please guide what will happen now i and client have submitted relevant proofs for transactions with us.police says that we will refer this case to our law officer and will investigate accordingly if they as to take action you both will be arrested and be on remand.